Equine Clippers

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  • Lister Legend Equine Clipper
    Lightweight, powerful and durable. the Lister Legend clipper delivers professional performance every time. The most recent addition to the Lister range of horse clippers, the Legend offers state-of-the-art motor technology and a dual position grip, so you can clip longer, faster and more comfortably.

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  • Lister Star Clipper Bundle

    Full kit includes the Lister Star Horse Clipper in Green, Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer in Black, Dirty Beastie Shampoo (500ml), Easy Groom Conditioner (500ml), Stiff Bristle Body Brush and Equine Hoof Pick, all stored neatly in the Lister horse clipper holdall.

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  • Lister Eclipse Cordless Horse Clipper

    The Lister Eclipse is the all-new compact cordless horse clipper. No cord. No hassle. Just perfect clipping. Lightweight and compact, the Lister Eclipse offers hours of power and a feeling of supreme agility.

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  • Lister Purple Star Equine Clipper With Holdall

    One of Lister’s most popular products, the Star is a beloved fixture in many stables. This powerful, fast and efficient clipper is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts alike, and has a slim, balanced grip for maximum comfort. The Star is also lightweight so you can clip for longer, and features an intelligent tensioning system to ensure the right cutting pressure every time.

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  • Lister R 15 Clipper Oil 500ml

    Suitable for use with all types of clipper, R15 clear clipper oil has been developed to enhance performance, lengthen blade life and improve overall clipping results.

    R15 has been specially formulated for clipping – avoid using other lubricants as they may cause irritation to the animal’s skin.

    • Specifically formulated for clipping

    • Enhances clipping performance

    • Keeps blades running smoothly, reducing friction and heat

    • 500ml bottle
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  • Lister Fusion Clipper in Case – Red

    Boasting two speeds to accommodate any clipping application, the Lister Fusion Clipper ensures exceptional performance under challenging conditions with its powerful 360W motor for a fast, professional clip.

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